Cry Me A River

a solo-climate-summit

 20 minute excerpt of the full show (50min) . Performed at European Forum Alpbach, 2018

Everything is so much more complicated than you think.

There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make.

At some point I began to cry. And that went on for many months. 

Because how do you refreeze the ice up there? It just can’t be done. 


Cry Me A River is a solo about inner and outer climate catastrophes. Walking the thin ice between the personal and the political, the piece deals with the complexity of climate change communication and it’s rhetorics. Playing with the monologue-format it focuses in on the multiplicity of talking heads, voices and opinions buzzing around this topic. Emotions of fear, anger, hope and despair, strongly connected with visions of a changing climate are whenever necessary chemically reproduced or bio-engineered.


Concept/Performance: Anna Mendelssohn, Artistic Collaboration: Yosi Wanunu, 

Music Composition: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Light Design: Jan Maertens

Premiere at Tanzquartier Wien in 2010

In co-operation with: Tanzquartier Wien,supported by:the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and bm:ukk, with the support of:PACT Zollverein (Essen), 

thanks to: toxic dreams