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Ordinary Creatures

Feature Film, Austria, 2020, 75 min.  Directed by Thomas Marschall

Martha and Alex are on the road. They drive an antique red car through a somewhat less magnificent landscape stretching between Lower Austria and the Czech Republic. Their relationship oscillates between carnal moments in nature and petty quarrels while driving. They don’t seem to have a destination. At a drive-in McDonald’s they ludicrously overorder, the munching progressing into a funny kissing scene. A minor roadkill provides all the suspense in Thomas Marschall’s ORDINARY CREATURES. Martha and Alex are now being followed. Yet the pace of the movie remains the same: a borderline surreal movement ostensibly just for its own sake. Beneath the surface of ORDINARY CREATURES, there is a bug’s life. Beetles and caterpillars seem to take no notice of the hippie rituals Martha and Alex try with a young girl they pick up on the road. The levels of “ordinariness” are highly mysterious in this very strange comedy. Rarely has deadpan had a stronger allure. Brilliant soundtrack, too, by the way. (Bert Rebhandl)

MARTHA: Anna Mendelssohn, ALEX: Joep van der Geest, 

ETERNAL EVE: Lynne Rey, LADY IN RAGE: Anat Stainberg, GRRRUMPY HUNTER: Alois Frank,

MEAN MECHANIC: Robert Slivovsky, SILENT WAITRESS: Angela Christlieb, YOSI: Yosi Wanunu
NEEDY DUTCH MUM: Sarah Moeremans, JACKY O: Jackie O

REGIE: Thomas Marschall, DREHBUCH: Thomas Marschall, Anna Mendelssohn, KAMERA: Martin Putz, 

SCHNITT: Stefan Fauland, KOMPOSITION: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
PRODUZENTIN: Daniela Praher



Festivals 2020: 
54. Internationale Hofer Filmtage (Weltpremiere)
VIENNALE '20 (Kollektion Diagonale '20 – Die Unvollendete)

Festivals 2021: 

Beverly Hills Film Festival

FANT Bilbao
Long Island International Film Expo


Athens International Film Festival
Cinefantasy Sao Paulo - Award for Best Screenplay
International Road Movie Festival Pilsen


Andrey Arnold/Die Presse/18.05.2021

Bert Rebhandl/Der Standard/20.05.21
Simon Hadler/

Movie Poster by Matthias Fellner


 © 2020 Daniela Praher Filmproduktion

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